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Is your web site generating any traffic?

It is important to understand that you cannot simply put up a website and expect that all you have to do is wait around for orders. In fact, we recommend that you use your website in addition to other marketing methods. A website should always be regarded as part of an overall marketing strategy. A website requires the same kind of advertising and promotion as any other business before it can generate income.

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As far as having a site rank high in the search engines, it isn’t as simple as “making it happen”. Submitting to the search engines properly is the first step.

Now, keep in mind that submitting alone isn’t usually enough to make the site rank high. In fact, sometimes the site may not get listed at all for a variety of reasons.

If you want to optimize your site for specific keyword/phrases we can discuss which ones and which engines to target.

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to drive traffic to your site. High rankings in search engines should be part of any marketing plan. Remember, most people still find websites by typing keywords into search engines.

Presumably you have a website because you want to attract awareness of your products or services.

So, what does happens when someone does a search using a keyword related to your product or service?

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“I wanted to share with you our thanks for a job well done this year. Since you took over regular management of our web site, both traffic and the quality of our leads has steadily improved. This is not an easy task especially in light of some search engines dropping our listing and the difficulty in getting re-listed. Your ongoing, persistent efforts are what have helped us maintain high visibility on the web. Here are some highlights:

As of our most recent monitoring reports, we have 18 new listings in a search engines’ top 30 search results for our keywords. This is terrific progress. Overall we now list in the top 30 for 70% of the search engine keyword combinations we monitor weekly. Nearly 50% (48.7%) are top ten listings. For our most important search word we show up in 13 out of the 19 search engines within the top 30 listings, which includes two #1 listings.”